Explore Our Latest Beauty Tools


Latex-Free Sponges

Zeissy Beauty Perfecting Sponges are LATEX-FREE and made of excellent quality materials. These correction makeup blender puffs will give a flawless finish to your look.

Oval Brushes

Oval makeup brushes work well with both cream and powder foundations.  Made of high-quality, man-made fibers, our brushes have a superb ability to hold powder while being soft and pleasing on your skin.

Brush Cleaning Boards

Zeissy makeup brush cleaning boards are specially constructed to clean all of the bristles thoroughly and quickly. Our makeup brush cleaner is the newest tool to keep your brushes in immaculate condition.

Makeup Sets

Zeissy makeup sets are designed for the woman on the go with little time to get ready. Multiple brushes and sponges for every need are packaged in a soft, convenient silicone case for easy travel.

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